If you have a very busy house in the Bideford area, with children and maybe pets, causing constant mess, that is ideal to me!

  • If you think you have a dirty or untidy house in the Bideford area- ring me.
  • If your teenager’s bedroom is a nightmare - ring me.
  • If your dog leaves paw prints, hair, and drags all the outside inside - ring me.
  • If you leave for work in a rush and you don’t want to go back to washing up; a full dishwasher; beds to make; washing to put on; ironing to do for tomorrow; - ring me.
  • Or if it’s all just getting too much and you’re pulling your hair out - ring me.

I love sorting it all out!

07712 402863, or email allsortedcleaning@aol.co.uk.

About Me

I am a fully trained housekeeper, in Bideford, with many years experience.

I started out in 1996 with an ironing business, working from home, in Bideford, with two small children. It was ideal, working full time and looking after my children at home at the same time. The business grew, due to demand, I took on domestic cleaning for many of my clients.

In 2001, our children were at school, and I moved onto managing a number of holiday homes. This full time business ran successfully for several years.

Since 2009 I have run the domestic cleaning and ironing round, in Bideford, and loving it!

Tips: did you know, to get great results with your whites wash, use soda crystals instead of washing powder and wash at 60 degrees.